Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Isaiah 55

This passage is lovely, almost poetic. Isaiah is like high-brow literature. So much imagery and beauty in the language. Let's look at it in chunks. (Chunks is kind of a weird word to use for Isaiah. Maybe sections? Pieces? Bits? Hmm. Nothing sounds graceful enough.)

Verses 1-5 are so tender and compassionate. I love to be reminded of that side of God. Even though it shows how quick we are to turn to things of this world to satisfy us, it still focuses on God's lovingkindness. Why do we spend our labor and money on that stuff? Why, when we have the Maker of the universe as our friend, do we go looking for what we can only get from Him. I wish I knew so I could stop. I think what I'm quickest to turn to is myself. Trying to make things happen. Things I know God will bring about in His timing but I'm to antsy to wait.

Verses 6-9 is one of the best reminders in the whole Bible about who God is. So much higher. So much greater. So much bigger. So much more than we can comprehend. As someone overly obsessed with thoughts (being a metacognician and all), I tend to think my own thoughts aren't too shabby. But that's not what this says. Whatever mine are, His are not. Or really, it's the other way around. Whatever my thoughts are not, His are. It's that vast perspective that I want to tap into. I don't want to even bother with my own ways or my own thoughts any more. Only His are worth thinking about.

Verses 10-11 are probably my fave. I need to hear this again and again and again and again. The words that He has spoken to me over my life about His purpose for me and His plan for my life have already left His mouth and traveled to my heart. Therefore, they will accomplish what they set out to do. As sure as rain.

The end is quotable, too. You will go out with joy and be led forth with peace. That's really good to know. I'm walking out into something pretty intimidating tomorrow and I want to go with joy and peace. So that's it then. It's settled. That's the way I'm playing it. Joy and peace all the way, baby. So, if you run into me, you can remind me if I don't look particularly joyful or peaceful. But expect to be reminded right back.


Bea said...

Yep! I'm going out with joy and being led by peace too!!! Amen & amen!!!