Saturday, March 7, 2009

Colossians 1

Colossians anyone? My team at work is going to start it since we finished Philippians and it was the next page. Two main parts of this fabulously deep chapter stand out.

In verses 15-19, I love how thoroughly he describes the incredible saturation of Christ into every fiber of our being. The power of His blood coursing through my veins. Jesus in every atom of creation. Jesus filling the vast emptiness of space. The full entirety of God was included in Christ here on earth and is now with me everywhere I go. Wow.

The next part I love is the prayer woven through verses 1-14. That's half the chapter, but the main phrase that jumps out at me is the "live a life worthy of the Lord." It's easy to forget, with grace being a free gift and all, that this is also part of the deal. But that's what I want. And really, everything else fades into the shadows more and more each day as I pursue this kind of life. I get a little more single-minded in my focus on this goal with each passing trial.

I hope that sharing that kind of thing just seems open and not like me trying to sound holy. Because of course there's a big pile of poo to shovel out each day too. Some days I'll be focusing on that, but Colossians just doesn't lend itself to anything but the joy of the gospel.


Bea said...

Keep preaching, girl!!