Thursday, March 26, 2009

Titus 1

Paul sure does know how to open up a letter doesn't he? I could munch for days on just the greeting.

Anyway, I am working with a team of people at our church to gather some people to lead the small home group leaders. So Paul's instructions about selecting suitable leadership is what brought me to Titus. I'll take all of that part to heart.

But the really convicting part for me is the tail end. Lots of people I know, myself included, have impure minds. So when other people say perfectly acceptable things, it reminds me of stuff from movies and other sayings that it really shouldn't. But it's the last verse that I see most commonly. Saying you believe in God when your actions deny that. Practical atheism. We've talked about that at church quite a bit recently, but I've learned the most about it from Francis Chan's book Crazy Love.

I want people to be able to tell what I believe based on my actions. Actually, I mean, I want what I say I believe to be what I actually believe. Because I think our actions always tell the truth about what's inside. If I'm unhappy with my actions, then it's the core of me that has something out of alignment. Behaviors are only symptoms of the actual condition or health of my faith.

Lord, let me love you with complete abandon. Let me trust you with all my heart. Let my life demonstrate to the world the devotion I have for you.


Bea said...

I am re-reading "Crazy Love" again currently. I am also working on those inside things which seem to hide from me--ug!