Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I have gotten pretty mentally consumed with me recently. Me and my calling. Me and my job. Me and my family. Me and my schedule. And today, me and my day.

Anyway, I am always fully aware of this fact but even more so today: I couldn't do what I do if it weren't for two important people, my mom and my mother-in-law.

I'm not going to lie, last week when Brannon and I were in Atlanta, we were mildly inebriated with the idea of moving there. But really, there is seriously no way we could live out the things God is calling us to do if it weren't for our proximity to those two mothers. I mean, I have eaten no less than four delicious meals this week courtesy of my M-I-L. And for the next two weeks, my mom is going to entertain my kids while I work (and does several times a week). Both of them go to great lengths and do all kinds of ridiculous things to accommodate and support us.

No joke, just on Friday night my friend and video producer Aaron was only five minutes from my in-law's house when I mentioned that I needed to shoot some video at their house, with my mother-in-law in it. She didn't bat an eye. Just got up from the dinner table, freshened her make-up, and changed shirts to get any grand kid remnants off of her and waltzed through the impromptu video with a smile.

My mom even took care of Evie at her ballet rehearsal this week so I could go hear Francis Chan even though I had already heard him the week before. Now for full disclosure, I had even invited her originally to come hear Francis when he came to town. But I quickly threw that right out the window when push came to shove. And now that I had to go through another similar rehearsal Saturday morning I know to what degree she sacrificed. Let's just say the estrogen levels in that building were through the roof. And yet she didn't really even act like it was a big deal.

So although I will probably spend the entire day in bed (briefly getting dressed to go hear JT Murrell's choir at OKC for worship), I would like to take this opportunity to wish Bea Sprouse and Connie Golden a very happy Mother's Day.


Bea said...

Thank you my dear1 I love being a part of kids and grands lives!!!