Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Luke 6

My friend Shawna just texted me a part of this chapter which relates to an issue we've been praying about. So I came here and just am amazed at the treasure trove this chapter is. I'm just going to jump around in it and splash through each section and you hang out in the one that speaks to you most. I won't tell which one I'm clinging to! :)

Verses 1-11
We are such Pharisees sometimes. We get so bogged down in laws of our own choosing and traditions that we like and forget what the whole objective is. Music styles, teaching styles, even hair styles have been enough to start an argument among Christians. But God is above all that. His love and grace sets us free from these silly rules that lead us to compare ourselves among ourselves and judge other's hearts and intentions. Instead of getting bent out of shape about how much you may dislike something about someone, just show them the same love and grace you've been shown.

Verses 12-16
We love to talk about deciding to follow Jesus, making a decision for Christ, or choosing God. But this reminds us that no one ever comes to Christ unless he was first chosen and drawn by God. God initiates our relationship. He is the groom. I love Him because He first loved me.

Verses 17-19
How many were healed? All right? I want to unleash that power in my life. I want multitudes of people to be drawn to touch Jesus because of the power to heal and restore lives found in Him.

Verses 20-23
A whole lot of things about the way I live are really going to look stupid if there's no heaven.

Verses 24-26
These verses are so convicting and painful it's hard to even read them. I am so rich, so fat and happy, and have people speaking well of me far too often. I don't want to seek these things. I want to shun them. I want to forsake everything for Him.

Verses 27-36
As if this isn't rough enough to begin with, there's a phrase buried in it that makes it harder than I am capable of. When I am strong enough to do some of this stuff like turning the other cheek or praying for those who spitefully use me, I don't get anything in return. I'm sure you don't either. And I can live with that. But verse 35 says we should "hope for nothing in return." Are you kidding me? I've never done that even once in my life if I have to be perfectly honest. This cannot be done with human strength. Only through His grace could I even become like Christ in this way. It's a good thing He's merciful because I need it as much as the next guy.

Verses 37-42
Nice to know I'm not the only hypocrite in the world. But not much comfort that I fit in with Pharisees. The whole speck and plank thing if tough for sure. Minding your own business while tenderly caring for others. But I like the measure part. Since I know I'm going to need a heaping helping of God's grace and forgiveness and mercy, than I want to use the biggest scoop to give it out to others.

Verses 43-45
"Oh, I didn't mean to say that!" Yes, you did. "I don't know where that came from!" Yes, you do. When I find myself using words or in conversations that aren't pleasing to God, I know where it came from. My heart. So don't clean up your mouth, clean up your heart.

Verses 46-49
I live in tornado alley. Not just as an Okie, but as a woman in ministry. I know that I am going to face storm after storm. So, I need to make sure my foundation is well-laid and my house is build firmly upon it. That's my number one priority. Keeping my life firmly attached to my intimate relationship with God.

So take your pick. This chapter is a smorgasbord of conviction and motivation. Or just do what I do at a buffet and make a pig out of yourself applying all of it.


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