Saturday, July 4, 2009

Song of Solomon 1

Warning: If you couldn't guess by reading the chapter, this post will talk about kissing. :)

Another blog I read just posted this about the steps towards having an affair. If you follow the news at all you've heard about some affairs recently. I don't follow the news at all and I've heard of two. I know that lust is a huge problem in our culture and is a major category of sin worldwide, but I think more affairs start with discontentment and apathy than with lust.

I've talked to friends before who make subtle or not too subtle comments about their lack of interest in their spouse. That is really heartbreaking to me. One, I'm sad that they are wallowing in their discontentment but two, I'm sad that they are generally too apathetic to do something to fix the problem and three, I'm triple sad because they're missing out.

I don't really relate to all the bizarre analogies in Song of Solomon. The eyes like doves and such are just weird today. But the overall theme of just being completely enraptured with your spouse is really beautiful. And from all of the input I have from friends and media and even here in this chapter, I think a great indicator of the health of your intimacy is good kissing. I'm not headed to a higher rating here. That's my only point really. But if you don't like kissing your spouse full on the mouth, then I think you'd better take radical steps to improve your relationship. Maybe it's a cultural thing or it doesn't apply to some people, but generally if you don't kiss, I'd bet my bottom dollar something's not right.

Twenty years ago today, I first kissed my sweet husband Brannon. It's a pretty silly and personal thing to share (or even remember), but he had the good sense to wait for a holiday complete with fireworks to make it something I'd never forget. I still love kissing him. And I hope (if you're married) you have never stopped kissing (and liking it). I don't plan to.


Bea said...

My goodness, what a topic, yet I totally agree!!
I certainly remember my first kiss from my best friend and lover of 43 years. Recently we were at a funeral of a dear Christian friend who had a beautiful marriage of many years. They played "Kisses sweeter than wine" as it was their favorite song. I think Solomon could have written it. It has been one of our favs for years.