Sunday, November 29, 2009

1 Peter 1

I'm not sure my life would be characterized by the gladness, hope, and inexpressible joy that this chapter refers to. I mean, I certainly have long bouts of it, but just as often, I find myself in slumps of irritability, discontent, and despair. What about you?

Regardless of what all of the Christians you know may demonstrate, Peter here, who is certainly a expert on the subject, is describing a different Christianity than is prevalent today. I guess I can't speak for the Church globally, but the slice I see isn't really what I'd call joyful.

So what can we do about that? Well, someone I love who I talked about this kind of joy and peace and hope with today just asked me to pray. That is certainly the best option.  But will I do it? I think a previous version of me wouldn't have. But today, I will. I will pray for hope and gladness and inexpressible joy to characterize the body of Christ in the only way that makes any sense.


Bea said...

Just caught up from a two week recess from this blog--refreshing! I am thankful for my computer (which I haven't had for two weeks). Never thought I'd say that! Your words are an encouragement daily. Kepp on keepin' on.