Friday, February 5, 2010


On Wednesday, God brought a woman into our LifeGroup that was an encouragement, was able to provide key information and contacts I need, and was just a wonderful new friend and resource. Then a guest post on my pastor's blog gave me just the right framework to really get my boys excited even more about this adventure God has called us on. Then tonight, as a friend's going-away party we met another lady who is also all of those same things the first woman was (plus she's neck deep in fostering too). At every turn it seems God keeps bringing people across our path and even reconnecting us with people we already knew that are joining the story of this rescue we've stumbled into.

A lifetime ago, I was a dancer. People who know me today probably can't imagine me with pointe shoes on let alone tap shoes. What's weird though is that I'm not at all the kind of person to enjoy just dancing at a party or with my husband or anything at all un-choreographed. I would dance on a stage in front of any size audience as long as I already knew the steps.

And that's how I've lived for a long time. Dancing only the steps I already knew. Staying in my own circles. But now, the music keeps beckoning me to just dance without knowing what comes next. And it has been wonderful. But even in the swirling dizziness of it all, I keep noticing little patterns and rhythms in it. I am starting to realize that I am dancing a waltz that was choreographed long before I ever put on my first ballet shoes. It isn't just aimless and accidental. It is what I was made to do. It's what all the hours (or years in my case) of warming up at the barre has been preparing me for.

So what about you. Are you dancing with Him? What is your dance like right now?


MotherMoses2004 said...

Kendra, that is an awesome blog post. And yes, I can picture you dancing the choreographed yet enough more I see your dance today. Girl, you're creating steps where only God can choreograph. And it's a beautiful dance, but really more of an assortment of a huge dance. You continue to learn and share so that others may reap, too. I'm proud to be your student as we work under the Master Almighty.
And now I have to go practice because God directed me to a new dance today, finalizing some steps. God is soooooooooo awesome!
Thanks for you mentoring and your encouragement. I'm off to do God's work and I'll let you know when it's presentable so that I can share with you, too.
Go with God.

TiffanyP said...

Kendra, I too was a ballet dancer for years (and can not free style if my life depended on it) so this makes total sense...both the anology and quite a bit in my life too.
Thanks for this post...its great encouragement to me to hear others stories of how life seems to be random...but is really not ;)

Bea said...

Dearest Kendi,
Dad and have taught you all we know and now we are learning from you. I came upon choregraphed dance for myself much later in life than you, but I have a wonderful teacher! Thank you Jesus. You are right on! God has some amazing choreograpy for each of us, if we will but fall into step with HIM.. I hear the music too---and I am so very glad to know my precious LORD JESUS. I so love to dance to my King and just forget about anything else.