Friday, February 20, 2009

1 Samuel 15

I'd rather ask for forgiveness instead of permission. That's a very popular saying in certain circles. That means, I'm going to go right ahead and do whatever I want and later God will forgive me anyway.

Yes, God is merciful and offers all of us forgiveness through grace. But read this story carefully. Saul had everything it takes to be the most amazing king of all time. He was chosen and appointed by God. But he had one fault. And it took him all the way down. He cared more about making Himself look good than making God look good. He was prideful. Even if he had truly repented and received forgiveness (which he never did if you read the rest of his story), he still couldn't stay king.

I don't ever want to be the one caught with my life purpose being ripped away from me because of pride. As popular and powerful as Saul was, I never want to be him. Even though he was called to be the king of Israel, it was torn away from him forever because of his refusal to humble himself to God's instruction. No matter what sacrifices he offered, no matter what penance he paid, it was never as good as just obeying God in the first place. That's a pretty costly mistake.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. Lord, help me humbly submit to you.


Bea said...

OK, not you've stopped preaching and gone to meddling. These are hard sayings, who can do them? Of course, you are right on!! God search my heart and reveal those areas of pride that may be hindering me from turning loose of the trapeze bar, so I can reach the next one.