Friday, February 13, 2009

Haggai 1

Bet you didn't guess I'd skip straight to Haggai. Kind of random I know. But it's only two chapters so I'll do them both. Today, read the first of two chapters. Pretty short, but man, Haggai really lowers the bloomers on them. Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Amos had already talked and talked about the sad condition of God's Temple. After 20 years back in town, the people had spent all of their time and money on rebuilding their own homes. God's house was still a pile of rubble.

But the best part to me is verses 5-6. Does that sound familiar? I sure know a lot of people who feel like their pockets are full of holes and never seem to have enough. Haggai lays out why this was true back then and I still believe it's the root of today's economic condition for most people. Their priorities were out of whack. So are ours a lot of times. This isn't a call to chip in more for your church's building fund either. This is simply about putting God first. Everything else is number two or lower.

So let's take today to pray and consider our priorities. I don't mean choosing between work or working out, I mean how does my life demonstrate that God is number one?

Also, by the way, for any of you who prayed for me this week, my series of meetings couldn't have gone much better. It actually reminds me of the lyrics to a David Crowder song. We're standing on the brink of something large. Something like the breaking of the dawn. Something like a match being lit or the sinking of a ship...

If you go to church with me, or even if you're just in the capital C Church globally, get excited about some new direction that God is leading us to. It's definitely a God-sized vision because it makes my colon clench just thinking about being a part of it.


Bea said...

We sound like we are in the same 'stream'. Longing for God to use us in His big plan to redeem the world, starting with an upgrade on the Church.

Bea said...

Just read the chapters again. It is time to "consider our ways!" We have actually all been living pretty 'high on the hog' as they used to say. God has blessed us and now we have the talents and resources to further advance His kingdom. We are ready for the battle. Charge!

Kate said...

I am glad to hear that the prayers lifted up for you were answered and that you have had a blessed week!

I love this chapter. It really helps me to consider His ways and exam my life. In the world's eyes I am on my way to a successful and fulfilled life; a great family with three kids and a husband, a great job, a great! But, through spiritual goggles I have a long way to go! I am reminded to re-organize my priorities and hold God as No. 1 in my life over ALL things and to have a servants heart.