Sunday, February 15, 2009

Haggai 2

So here's part two of Haggai. I hope you were on the edge of your seats waiting breathlessly for the conclusion. Anyway, the whole chapter is kind of interesting, but it's verses 10-14 that a want to hang on for a while.

Evidently, evil is contagious and holiness isn't. This is a concept built into God's laws for His people. But in this case, what God is pointing out is that the one area of disobedience, not rebuilding the temple, was ruining all of the other areas of their lives. And no piousness or gratuitous sacrifices could clean it up. The evil was running rampant like a deadly disease in their land.

I don't have much to say about this. When I've got a dirty spot in my heart somewhere, some hidden sin, something swept under my rug, don't think God can't see it. And don't think it's not affecting every area of my life. Sin is contagious. Not only does sin itself lead to other sin, it also just contaminates everything. The consequences are much farther reaching than we'd like to think. Get rid of it and get clean.


Bea said...

He says his classic "Consider your ways" twice in chapter 2. Guess he wants us to consider our ways. I think to do that we have to allow the Holy Spirit to search our hearts to see if there is anything there that needs to be cleaned out. It is pretty easy for us to hide and over look the very thing He needs us to change. So, for today, that will be my quest, although I'm pretty aware of some things I need to change and re-arrange. Blessings to each of you. We serve a wonderful, mighty God who is so worthy of our praise!!~