Sunday, March 15, 2009

1 Chronicles 4 or blog break?

Today I left the state for a wonderful adventure with my family and friends. We are off to explore the great American southwest on our way to the Grand Canyon. I look so forward to seeing it myself again but also to be with my kids and husband as they take it in for the first time. Only God knows the other adventures we'll share on this fun trip.

However, I will continue to "be with you in spirit." Just kidding. :) I am actually guest posting on my pastor's blog for four days this week. My friend (and distinguished colleague and family ministry blogger) Gina McClain and I conspired to write a series of posts for him while he's off on an adventure of his own. Monday through Thursday you can check us out over on Swerve. It's got a vastly larger audience than this blog of course, so keep in mind that any comments there will be read by hundreds or thousands of church leaders worldwide. Cool really.

Also, I strongly encourage you to check out my other favorite blog, Stuff Christians Like. It's light years funnier than this blog but well worth your time spiritually. As always, there are links to both of these blogs on the right column of this page.

I'll have something for you for Friday and Saturday here. So even though I'll be off a week, you can continue to have something to maintain your blog-reading habit. Oh, and for today, go read 1 Chronicles 4. It contains a sweet little portrait of an ancient man of faith. Pray his tiny little prayer found in verse 9. Isn't God's Word sometimes a fun treasure hunt? That one little nugget among a roll call.