Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 Kings 19

Sometimes even after an amazing high with God, we crash into a time of fear and despair again. I don't know why that is, but it's not new. Elijah had just called fire down from heaven and made it rain and then in the beginning of this chapter, he tucked tail and ran away from Jezebel.

I hate it when I do that. I sometimes find myself wondering if God is really going to come through not ten minutes after I was praising Him for something else. I think if I were God (which thankfully I am not), I would get aggravated when people did that. But not our God. Instead He lovingly sent him food and water and helped him gather his strength for a journey to a safe haven to rest.

That's so cool of God. I love Him for it. I love Him for being patient with me when I doubt Him. I love Him for coming through for me again and again. I love Him for taking care of my needs even when I worry about silly things like Elijah did over a threat from some pagan queen.

I love it that even when we just want to curl up and die or are hiding out from the world, He sweetly asks, "What are you doing here?" Then, instead of getting mad, He sends His presence. And maybe most of all, I love Him for sending us backup when we feel overwhelmed. God responded to Elijah's pleas by giving him Elisha. That's so cool. I thank God for the friends He has placed at my side to walk through this journey with me. (Especially those of you who take the time to read my late night ramblings.)


Bea said...

Yes, He sends us backup in the nick of time!! What a God!! I, too, am thankful He loves us when we want to give up, even in light of His amazing provision for us. Again, what a God!! I am glad I can't hold Him in my hand, yet He holds me in HIS!!! What a God!!!!

In Numbers 14:24 Caleb encourages the fearful Israelites with "We should go up and take possession of the land for we can certainly do it". God had already won the battle for them, and us today, if we can just see "for one second" with His eyes as Brandon Heath says. There is a lost and dying world out there---let's go forward in what ever part God has for us. We are ready for the battle and we won't flinch at the enemy's attack.