Monday, March 9, 2009

Proverbs 21

This chapter is a treasure trove of wisdom, but I wonder which verse speaks out to you today. I came to this chapter by way of verse 31. I am in a place of preparation right now, but I realize that it is all in God's hands. That one picture of a cavalry horse is a good one then for me.

I saw a thing on PBS recently about preparing a horse for battle and the first thing they did was to ride it in between two other seasoned horses and slowly trot towards a man standing in the field who would fire a gun after about every 10 yards the horses covered. They were training it not to flinch when it heard gunfire. This has cool applications in and of itself, but the reality is, that was only a small part of the training that the horse would go through. And even though our preparation process can be long and tedious and difficult and scary, the ultimate victory still lies in the hands of God.

A lot of these verses are just as awesome. Dave Ramsey's verse he uses to back the concept of savings is even there. But read it and share which verse is crying out your name today. You don't have to leave an explanation, just curious.


Bea said...

Much food for thought and action today. Verse 29 reminds me to give thought to my ways. I've been doing that for a couple of days and found a couple 'holes' in my armour that had escaped me. Jer 17:9 says our heart is 'desperately wicked'. We have to let the Holy Spirit reveal those hidden areas that will deter our training and fitness for battle. Perfect love casts out fear screams at me today. I purpose in my heart to move forward as I perfect the love walk in order to drive out fear of man and his opinion of me. Gd help us prepare for the battle and thank you in advance for the victory lies with you.

Bea said...

God help me learn not to flinch when that gun goes off---because we know it will!!!