Friday, March 20, 2009

Colossians 3

In October 2007 I went on a road trip visiting many of the same states and sites I am visiting this week. My team was shooting several series, one of which will rerun in a couple of months. It will then be released online so I'll link to it when it comes up.

That series, Road Trip, was about Colossians 3. So here I am revisiting it again. Coincidence? I don't believe in them. Among the sites of the giant sombrero and the Cadillac Ranch and the indescribable Tower Museum, I was reminded of what that series was all about. We broke the four weeks down into these four "Rules for RV Living" which are actually taken from this passage called "Rules for Holy Living." Here they are:

Rule # 1: Keep your eyes on the road. (see verses 1-4)

Rule # 2: Always dump the sludge. (see verses 5-11)

Rule # 3: Stow the right gear on board. (see verses 12-14)

Rule #4: Make sure you're hooked up right. (see verses 15-17)

Anyway, read though it and see if you are living a holy life, or if you'd be a good candidate for a nice RV trip. Personally, I'm glad to experience my drive-through reminder this week.


Bea said...

We've had a trip of our own this week and God has been able to show us some things we miss in the 'daily grind'. Glad to back reding you wisdom.