Saturday, March 21, 2009

Isaiah 49

Almost everywhere my daughter Evangeline goes, she comes back with a stamp on her hand. At church, at school, at ballet, she loves it. She sometimes even carefully avoids washing them in the tub to make them last longer. Evidently that's a really effective way to keep her connected with those activities even when she's not there.

This chapter is written to God's people of Israel, but it's not about them. It's about us: the whole "Gentile" world. I love how detailed Isaiah is about God's intentions to bring all of us into His family and the price He already knows will have to be paid.

In verse 16, God draws an amazing illustration of how dearly He loves us. He has engraved us on His hand. Because I can see it in Evie, that's such a tender precious picture to me. That the God that dwells outside time and space and is so big we can't see Him even though He's everywhere, knows me like the back of His hand and thinks of me often.

Meditate today on the promise this chapter holds. Such an amazing plan. Such a miraculous rescue. Such a priceless ransom. Thank you, Lord, for cherishing me far more than Evie does her little stamps.


Bea said...

It is so special how God loves us and makes a great plan for us, and we rarely can see it unfold till we look back---but we can trust Him that as we move forward, every detail is for our good--the challenges and the victories, they all work together for our good. He is molding us and confrorming us into His son's image.