Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ecclesiastes 5

I spent several long moments this past week speechless, standing in awe of God. This world He has made is so big and so diverse an so glorious. He is God and I am not. It is He that has made us and not we ourselves. Let us stand in awe of Him every day in every situation.

I also saw some bleak poverty. Saw some people who had come to the same conclusions Solomon did in this chapter too. Meaningless. It's easy to forget how many people in our nation live in run down trailers in the middle of endless dirt.

Lord, let us not put our trust in our riches for surely they are fleeting. Let me remember where all good things come from.


Bea said...

It is interesting that we were in two different places, two different countries last week, and we experienced the same things. We saw beautiful tropical flowers and trees and some of the most beautiful sunsets ever--God just painting the sky with amazing colors. But we, too, saw some poverty amidst the beauty. We got to visit a Cora Indian lady with a deceased husband, eight kids, 20 grandkids, no electricity, no water(except from a dirty river and what she carried over a mountain), a tiny shack for all of them to live, no furniture at all and yes, in the middle of dirt everywhere. We got to go to a Sam's 100 miles away and buy supplies and food to last not near long enough. For me the saddest need was they have no spiritual help at all. There is no church on the corner, no pastor, no evangelist--how shall they hear except someone be sent??? God show a way to reach these souls for your Kingdom.