Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Isaiah 53

A young lady that I love dearly has gone astray. Brittney is lost and is in desperate need of rescue. I would jump in my car right now and go get her if I thought I could get away with it legally. I am in such despair over her situation. Please pray for her with me.

Also though, I read this chapter and am reminded of what God planned to do for her, long before she was ever born. I look at the prophetic detail about our sweet loving Savior and can't imagine the heartbreak of a Father who sent His own Son to His death. Who knew for centuries what His fate would be. When I think of how heartbroken I feel over a girl I only spent one precious summer with, I can't even comprehend our God who gave His only Son to rescue each of us. Each of us wayward, wandering, stupid, lost sheep.

Lord, please reach out and draw Brittney's heart towards you. Show her how dearly You love her. Send people into her path to share the power of your grace with her. I speak to the Word planted as a seed inside of her so many summers ago. Take root and grow inside of her. Do in her what was started in her childhood. Rescue her from this path of destruction. Break the bonds of sin in her life. Release her to become the beautiful woman of God you have created her to be.


Bea said...

I set myself in agreement with you!!!!