Sunday, March 1, 2009

John 15, part 1

Today my team is meeting in a vineyard. It belongs to a sweet couple who goes to church with some friends of ours. The owners say people find God there. I pray that that's exactly what happens.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk to my team about this chapter. I'm going to meander through it wildly I'm sure and don't know exactly where we'll end up but I'm going to start with reminding myself who we are. We are the branches. We have only one job. Holding on to Jesus, the vine. By doing so we will fulfill our solitary purpose. Bearing fruit.

Literally ALL of the other work that takes place in the vineyard will be done by the gardener. That's God. Not me. Not you. Our job is to allow Him to work through us by clinging to the vine. I'm going to write more about this chapter again tomorrow but for today, I just want to really meditate on who I am and what I'm called to. Clinging. Remaining. Connecting. Holding on. Abiding. That's all, nothing else.


Bea said...

I think that is just exactly what I will talk to my team about today too!!
Hear God clearly as you speak and all the time you are there.
I love you, Mom