Saturday, February 28, 2009

Psalm 34

Come, magnify the Lord with me. And let us exalt His Name together.

This is such a precious thought. I am going to get to spend a couple of days with my entire team. There are many verses in this psalm that speak to me today, but the thought of getting to spend time with these people who I see so seldom makes verse 3 really stick out.

I get the honor and privilege of ministering alongside people who live and work in other buildings and even other states. I can't wait to hear them tell stories of His greatness. His mighty works that they see each week as they minister to kids and families.

I also get the chance to share with them during a devotional time. I can't exactly narrow down everything I'd love to share with them because I'm so overflowing with joy at what God is doing in my life. My dear prayer warrior friend told me to just share myself. To share what God has done in me. That those personal journeys will say more than any prepared verses or mapped-out messages. I've done my homework in preparation but still, I'm not exactly sure what will come out. I just know that I want more than anything for them to come and tell of the greatness of the Lord with me. I want us to exalt His Name as a team.


Bea said...

You are prepared--just share out of the 'overflow' in your spirit. God promises to put the words in our mouth when we get before people and I know He will speak encouraging words through you to the team!! I love you!!!