Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hebrews 1

Does God speak to you? This chapter says He does. Not only with that still small voice, but through prophets "at many times and in many ways." He also has chosen to speak to us through the life of Christ.

I can easily picture a bunch of conspiracy theory nerds or history geeks pouring through old texts and photos, art and artifacts, looking for clues to speak to them about the mysteries of the past. Here we have the Almighty Creator of the universe trying to send us clear and relevant messages. I think I vastly underestimate the importance of studying it to hear Him speak to me. I shouldn't be able to get enough of the gospels. I should comb through every phrase listening to Him whisper to me. That's what I think He wants. And that's what my heart believes is true. But I can't seem to get this obstinate, selfish flesh to make the daily choice to make God's Word the priority it deserves to be. Even with this chapter-a-day blog, I'm hearing from Him. But I want to listen and obey.

I'm going to spend some time meditating this stuff about angels. I tend to downplay the importance of the role of angels since so much fuss is made over them by Catholics and Christian bookstore paraphenalia. I tend to fixate on just the Trinity and figure God will use angels how and when He sees fit. But maybe I should think more about asking God to mobilize them on my behalf. That's what I'm going to listen for from Him today through the "many ways" God speaks to me.