Friday, April 10, 2009

Nehemiah 2

I was drawn to this chapter (and the previous one) earlier this week when I was summoned suddenly to my senior pastor's office followed by his boyish smirk and, "You're getting sent to the principal's office. You're in big trouble!"

Because of the things God is stirring in me nowadays, getting a minute of his time is no small gift. So wanted to make sure my heart was right and my words were sure. I love this picture of Nehemiah's brave heart, the opportunity God gave him, and the carefully chosen words that followed the "flare prayer" he sent up. I love how in between the king's request and his response moments later, Nehemiah prayed before he spoke.

I want to rebuild the walls. I have a deep and burdensome passion to create the foundational curriculum strategy that our church needs to lead people, not just to raise their hand, but to become fully devoted followers of Christ. I know that God will equip me to do it and is paving the way for it to happen right now. I know that it is a monumental task, but just like surprise funding from a foreign king, God will provide. Pray with me that when a time does come (it wasn't on this trip to the office), that I will have the right words to say and the king will send me on my mission with his blessing and backing.