Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Orange '09

By the time this posts, Brannon and I will be in the ATL! I am serving on the host team of the Orange Conference. I may or may not get home with enough time or energy for the next couple of days, but I also may be so psyched up I can't sleep and have tons to write. At any rate, pray for me if you will. I want to hear God. I want to see His face. I want to know Him. I want to obey Him completely. And even though He probably likes Oklahoma better, I believe I will meet Him here in Georgia, too.


Bea said...

We will be praying for God's work in your life as you have chosen to serve Him and others. Your three little blessings are asleep and well in Oklahoma. Much love to you.

Bea said...

Look forward to this every morning. It is how we start our day! Miss it! Be blessed in the doing of the word!!