Monday, April 20, 2009

Romans 12

On Saturday morning I saw Jesus Christ in the parking lot of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. And no (as my friend Shawna questioned), I had not been drinking too much communion wine. It was His family. His body. Serving their community with such selfless unity that together, they so closely resembled Christ it made me cry.

Reading this chapter just now brought tears to my eyes again. Because over and over in it, I kept seeing more phrases that reminded me of those wonderful children of His. As fantastic a miracle of Christ's incarnation at His conception and birth was, I believe it probably brings even more pleasure and glory to God when Jesus is incarnated through His people today.

I want to live like this chapter says. But it's up to all of us together really. I don't think any one person can really do it. As much as I strive to be more Christ-like, I think it's when His Church comes together to serve and love and give and suffer and love some more that He really appears. So I'm glad I was reminded of that by some lovely people who get up early on a Saturday...

contributing to the needs of others,
giving generously,
governing diligently,
showing mercy cheerfully,
sincerely loving,

being devoted to one another in brotherly love,
honoring one another above themselves,
sharing with God's people who are in need,
practicing hospitality,
living in harmony with one another,
being willing to associate with people of low position,
being careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody,
feeding the hungry and giving something to drink.


Bea said...

Be sure to send this to them. I am sure like most serving--it is a pretty thankless job, yet they serve anyway!!