Sunday, May 17, 2009

2 John 1

I told my son Kenny that this summer he had to write me a book report on a book of the Bible each week. He said he would start with Job. I laughed and told him Job had over 40 chapters and is a little hard to follow. So he thought a minute and said, "OK then, 2 John." That impressed me for two reasons. First, when I assigned it, his first thought was to pick a book he was actually interested in learning more about, and Job's a great one. Then, when I gave him the tip to consider the length, he picked this tiny book. Way to go, Kenny. (Your report is a few days overdue though, bud.)

One reason I like this book because it is written to a woman. I don't really know who this woman was (some say Martha, which is plausible I guess), but I think it is more interesting that she remains anonymous. It reminds me of John writing of himself in his gospel as "the disciple Jesus loved" to downplay himself.

A friend of mine told me that she sees a time of anonymity coming for me. It seems in many ways to have started long ago. So I wonder if this is a continuation of what I've already been experiencing, a whole new kind of anonymous, or even more than before.

The theme of this book though, like most of John's writing is love. Deep abiding compassion for others and a whole-hearted devotion to God. No matter what lies ahead for me (anonymity is just fine with me), I know that what I want to be known for by the ones who do know me, is love. My love for God and my love for others.

Sorry for the random musings, but that's a good reflection of what I'm thinking about now anyway. I'm all in.


Bea said...

I'm all in too!! That's a good place to be even though it is tough for our little pea brains not to know what is next. Yet, I have found that is the most exciting part of the "Adventure in Faith". One thing I have noticed about this "waiting period" is God sure keeps you busy while you are looking forward to the next phase of His assignment. It reminds me of a song I have sung, "I Choose to be a Christian", no body's making me do it, this is how I want to live!!!!! Hang in there.