Monday, June 1, 2009

2 Kings 6

Just read this up to verse 23. It gets crazy after that and to me, that next part belongs with the next chapter. We can talk about the siege tomorrow because it is a cool story. This chapter has plenty of great Elisha stuff without getting into that. I mean, if the second section can top floating metal, that's pretty awesome. And unlike miraculously defying physics, it's something that happens in our lives everyday.

The story of Elisha being surrounded has two really stand-out points in it to me. One, that Elisha was so in tune with God that he knew every little detail of what was going on with the enemy in the first place. That's just straight-up slick. There are times when I am in the flow and just making decisions and having ideas and seeing solutions in ways that I know are His Spirit in me, not me. But I want to get there and stay there. To put it in facebook terms, I want to hide my own status updates from my news feed and just read His. I want His voice to drown out mine.

The runaway coolest part of this story is the vision of the army of angels. Not Elisha's servant suddenly seeing it, but that Elisha already saw it and was just calmly operating under the confidence that God was present and working on his behalf. They were there all along. We first know he saw them on Elijah's final day, but had he been seeing them ever since? Was it 24/7?

When I was a kid, I believed in angels to the extent that I thought about them often. I read those Frank Peretti books and ate them up. But as a grew up, I have kind of marginalized the spiritual world. I pray for God's power and God's intervention for sure, but I don't call upon Him to deploy angel armies. I guess I got worried that I might start to put my trust in the angels themselves instead of the glorious power of God they carry.

I want my eyes to be opened though. I want to live knowing those chariots and horses and kick-butt angels are there all along. I want to see them everywhere at work obediently serving and worshiping our God. I want to remember that the side I'm on is far more powerful than whatever adversity I face. O Lord, open my eyes so that I may see.


Bea said...

Yes, My Daddy, Abba Father, please open my eyes today and allow me to see your plan and command for where I am. I know you are faithful and I put my trust in you to resolve my current situation. Thank you and praise you in advance!!!!