Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenny

My first-born child is 12 today. Seems so long ago and yet it's hard to believe this day is here. We recently watched some of the hours of video footage we have of his babyhood. He was such a wonderful joy and so much fun. I have learned so much about life from being a mom. And I've learned a lot from the way his amazing mind works. It's been so great to be along for the ride in process of his discovery of who God has made him to be. He writes witty comics. He is a great reader and does well at school. He has a soft spot for babies. He's funny and handsome. And he is one of the most uniquely talented piano players and musicians I've known. He will sit in my lap and tolerate lots of kisses and hugs and squeezes. That's good, because today he's going to get lots from me. We've often wondered aloud together about why God wired Kenny with the interesting mix of gifts we see in him. We can't even imagine what God has in store for him. But it's a treat to be his mom and we love him like crazy.


Bea said...

And our first grandchild---And getting used to a boy after raising two girls---and watching his gifts and talents unfold---and just being a part of his life. He brings joy and added fun to our travels and to life in general. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENNY. Let's have some ice cream when we get home from Portland!!!