Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Romans 10

Part of my role at work is writing the gospel message for each four-week series in fewer than 200 words in a way that elementary kids can understand. It's a really challenging thing to do since it also needs to relate to the teaching and theme or the series itself. We start with the good old ABCs. Admit, Believe, Confess. Every piece contains those parts the same word-for-word so kids will start to memorize them. Partly so they can internalize it for themselves and partly so they can repeat them to share the gospel with others. My favorite story so far since we started this at the end of 2008 is a little girl who told the ABCs as her show and tell at school.

So Romans 10 is such a great source of the elemental concepts of salvation. Lots of quotable quotes. Several OT references. The essentials of our faith. But the hard part comes again when trying to boil it all down to a 2 minute message a kid can walk away with.

One of my biggest prayers right now is to seek God about how to communicate the gospel in a way that leaves people with the impression of God's power available in their lives, not just some historical knowledge. I want people to hear God's voice for themselves. To see Him revealed in their lives. And to respond in radical obedience and a zealous trust. What does Romans 10 inspire you to ask God for?


Bea said...

Mercy me, girl.

That last paragraph is a tall order, but, I couldn't say it better. I want the same thing. How do we do it? Man, it's a tough assignment, but with the Loly Spirit it is doable!