Monday, July 27, 2009

Job 38

There are all kinds of false assumptions and suppositions int he book of Job so you have to study it carefully. Many times Job and his friends make statements about their understanding or perspective of God that when taken out of context might give you the same wrong ideas they had. So my favorite chapters are the ones where God speaks for Himself.

Out of a storm. That would shut them up. I'd just stand there with my mouth open too. I LOVE this diatribe laced with witty sarcasm and beautiful imagery. Yesterday we were listening to the song Indescribable by Chris Tomlin and Brannon said that his favorite illustration in the song is, "Who has... seen heavenly storehouses laden with snow?" It is lovely, but it's not Mr. Tomlin's. His song reflects God's own words here in Job.

Read it today and reflect on if you really do think of God in all His power and majesty like this. I don't want to ever forget that the God who did all of this, died for me and lives in me. That is truly indescribable.