Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Job 39

This chapter is a continuation of God's smack down on Job and his friends. He spares no detail to demonstrate His supremacy and majesty. You know, that's really what I think nature is all about. Showing us how awesome God is. God could have still made a habitable planet to put people on without it being so absolutely beautiful. Every little detail, great or small, shows His marvelous power and wondrous gentleness.

One of the songs I wrote for LifeKIDS is about this. "All around the world I see your goodness in everything you made including me. And everywhere I look I see your power and when I see how good you've been, I know how good you are." Then it just goes through some of my personal favorites from nature that really are just God outdoing Himself. Just showing off His creativity. Black holes, Venus fly traps, seahorses, comets, and His fabulous masterpiece and mockery of modern science, the platypus.

On a side note, I think this would be a funny phrase to pull out sometime: "He doesn't have the sense God gave an ostrich." That's a really nice one. Sarcasm inspired by the words of God. Although I bet few would catch the random Job reference.