Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Psalm 128

I'm skipping Psalm 127 since I already wrote about it a while back.

This psalm is so warm and positive and glowing almost. But it is a great reminder of how blessed we are when we just have a good family and God at our side. I'm watching Oliver with my kids right now. They are singing the big song, "Who will buy this wonderful morning? I'm so high, I'd swear I could fly! Who will tie it up with a ribbon? What am I to do, to keep the sky so blue?"

God is so great and big and beautiful and gracious. What a wonder that He loves each of us so much. That He blesses us with all that we need.

(Just on a funny note, now the song "As Long as He Needs Me" where Nancy sings longingly for Bill who just hit her in the face. I was explaining to the kids how many people feel like she does, trapped into settling for poor treatment because they didn't know how much God loves and treasures them. Evie listened to her soulful singing and said, "I think I'm going to happy cry.")