Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Galatians 4

Imagine your child was captured and held in slavery. Imagine what lengths you would go to to free him. Imagine if after you gave everything to win their freedom, he sat there in the cage and opted not to come out. Crazy right?

That's the picture this chapter draws for me. God loves us so much He made us His sons and daughters. He sacrificed Jesus to pay our ransom. And yet so many Christians sit in a pile of broken shackles in a darkened cage of sin. Let's not do it. Not for one more day. Let's step out into the marvelous light of freedom and stop sinning.

I really don't think there's any scriptural evidence supporting Christians living in sin. I honestly don't think we have to do it. I get the whole living in a fallen world in a flesh suit thing, but the power of the risen Christ lives in me. I'm pretty sure that's strong enough to defeat the petty battles I have over pride and selfishness and impatience.

I don't want to work out in the sun like a slave when I own the whole farm. I don't think that's what Jesus died for. I'm ready to live free.