Thursday, June 4, 2009

Psalm 23

I've written about psalms 30 times and never about this most famous one. The line that made me come here for some reason was, "surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." This psalm is just so beautiful. I paints so many pictures of a loving God.

He is my shepherd who cares for my every need so that I lack nothing. I really don't want to want anything from outside of Him. If I have to go somewhere besides His hand, I don't want it.

Green pastures and still waters. He makes me rest. To take time out to wallow on His peace and quiet. I wouldn't do that on my own I don't think. I'm not a big fan of quiet.

The valley of the shadow of death? Sometimes. And yet, He is there with me.

Rod and staff. Comforting, yes. But painful sometimes. I want to be the sheep just mindlessly being led by his prompting and gentle urging. And not always requiring getting knocked upside the head.

The table He has prepared? I can sure picture that. I just had a lovely dinner with friends at a Japanese steakhouse with the full flaming onion volcano and lots of metal clashing and fun.

Anointing my head with oil sounds so soothing and intimate for some reason. Such a personal image to me.

My cup does run over. I have more than enough. I am rich. He has given me blessing upon blessing.

But then back to the last line. the house of the Lord forever. That's where I long to be. I just want to go to heaven. I said that to a friend yesterday, and I think it sort of alarmed her. But I'm not suicidal, I'm homesick. I don't belong here. But peaceful passages like this remind me that He is here with me in every capacity that I need Him to be. I shall not want.

Thank you Lord for being my shepherd. Help me to be a better sheep.


Bea said...

I long for heaven as well, but like Paul, (and you) we are content to do His biding until that day He comes for us. Just remember--"Don't you cry for me when I'm gone"

Anonymous said...

Heaven... A wonderful place.. I long to be there too. But as I see all the people that might not experience eternity..makes me sad. I rather stay here a little longer. I rather long to make this life matter for Christ... I will fall on my face many times but Christ, my friend will lift me up. :)