Friday, July 17, 2009

Isaiah 35

I don't know that my life demonstrates the appropriate level of gladness that I should have for being redeemed. Everlasting joy should be upon my head. What does that look like? I think I've met these kind of people before and thought they were kind of sappy. They came with joyful shouting just like the last verse says, but I thought they were just being disingenuous. Well, I want my sorrow and sighing to stop now. And I don't want it to be based on emotion either.

But not only is God good, He is good to me. He has redeemed me. He has ransomed me. I want to live my life in an attitude of joy and exuberance for the life I've been given. I want my life to be characterized by gladness. I think I would have certainly have different wrinkles than I do now.