Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nahum 3

So most people know about Nineveh from when Jonah was sent there. Instead of getting destroyed like He prophesied, they repented and God forgave them. However, just like the Israelites did, the Ninevites forgot their warning and turned back to even worse sin than before including violent and gruesome attacks on all of their neighbors. And so here, we see God finally executing justice on them here as Nahum predicts. This was less than 200 years after Jonah first gave them warning that this day was coming. (He just didn't live to see it.)

I don't want to be like that. It's easy for me to roll my eyes at the stupidity and selfishness of people in the Old Testament who repented and then went right on back to their sinful ways. Buy I think I probably do. How many times have I made new commitments to God again? How many times to I repent for the same old sin. You know, even though this book was written as a message from God through Nahum to Nineveh, as all other books, God included it in His Word for a reason. He intended to continue to speak to us through it. So, how did God speak to you through the book of Nahum?