Saturday, September 26, 2009

Acts 11

I really can't imagine how completely mind-blowing it must have been for the Jewish Christian community to comprehend that God had offered salvation through Christ to the Gentiles. From our perspective looking back, it's all over the Old Testament. Ruth, Rahab, Jonah and the Ninevites, story after story of God extending mercy and forgiveness to non-Hebrews. But still, it could never have dawned on them. Again, Luke records in detail the story we just read in Acts 10. Not because he's a bad writer but because this is a dramatic paradigm shift for the readers. God for all of us. The Jewish Messiah becoming the world's Christ.

I wonder how open I am to this kind of spiritual mind-shifts. What about you? Do you think there is some thinking that you may have thought from as far back as you can remember that God wants to change to reflect His truth. Something to pray about for sure. But you'll have to be ready for it. Even Peter took the same dreams three times, and all kinds of other confirmations before he was ready.