Monday, September 21, 2009

Acts 4

Undeniable miracle. Lives changed. Thousands join. Arrested. Sanhedrin smack-down. Released. Pray for more even more boldness. Ground shakes. Holy Spirit shows up. Revolutionary living in community. Every need met.

This happened within a matter of days. This does not require a complicated ministry strategy. This does not require complex curriculum. This is God's people walking in step with the Holy Spirit, heeding His promptings, and Him showing up and doing all the rest.

I want this for us. I want this for today. I want this for America. I want this for the world. I know what my role is though. Personally and professionally. Will I have the guts to do it? Time will tell. But I pray that you join me. I pray that we all live this way. Pray for more boldness with me. Pray for His Spirit to show up and for the ground to shake.