Friday, September 11, 2009

Exodus 34

So I'm still on my kick (which hopefully will become an established habit at some point soon) of reading the Bible with my first goal being to see what it reveals about God and not what it says to me. This chapter is a great place to start because God straight up says who He is.

THE LORD, THE LORD, gracious and compassionate God. Yes, I like that. I need both of those.

Slow to anger. That's a good thing!

Abounding in love and faithfulness. Man, I sure am thankful for that too!

Maintaining love to thousands. Don't know how He does it but I'm glad He does.

Forgiving wickedness, rebellion, and sin. That's just awesome really. I learn more everyday how valuable and precious His forgiveness is.

Yet He does not leave the guilty unpunished. He punishes the children and their children for the sins of their fathers to the third and fourth generation. WHOA! What? Did anyone else not see this part coming? What happened to the lovey dovey part? This isn't the part of God I like to think about! How can I rationalize a God that is all that?

Well, I can't. But that's the thing about God. He is who He is. He even told us that. I AM who I AM. God is all of the wonderful things we count on and need. He's everything we can ever want and so much more. But sometimes part of that so much more are facets of Him that seem mutually exclusive. How can He be gracious and compassionate and forgiving and punishing all at the same time? Well, He just is.

We much worship who He is not who we like to think He is. All of it wrapped up into one awesome, beautiful, majestic, fascinating, and terrible God. To be feared and to be praised.

I want to take the risk that Moses did. All of the other Israelites ran and hid from Him. Not only were they afraid to approach God on His mountain (as well they should be), they were even afraid to look at Moses' glowing face. But I want to get so close that I get consumed. Burned up. Set aglow. Even if my life looks so freaky that I have to veil myself to keep from scaring people, I still want to stand unveiled before Him. Thank You God for revealing yourself to me through your Word. I want more of You than I can possibly handle.