Saturday, September 12, 2009

Exodus 35

This chapter is such an awesome Old Testament example of how the family of God is supposed to work. God had given really specific instructions for how the tabernacle and priestly garments and all the stuff in it was supposed to be made down the the color, material, size, and shape. And remarkably, there in the desert, every single thing needed was already among them. God had provided, mostly from the spoils of the Egyptians, exactly what He required for them to be able to worship Him exactly how He wanted. And on top of the materials provided from generous and willing hearts, the skill and talent needed to bring it all together was there too.

Sometimes I think the church forgets that God knows everything and has everything all planned out. If we have a need, stuff or skill, He has already planted exactly what is required among us. In each local church body, I believe that this exact picture can be painted. The whole group giving of themselves and their stuff in order to worship God exactly as He wants.

What an amazing example these desert wanderers were to the people around them too. We read later of how rumors spread throughout the region of this great God of the Hebrews that was to be feared and honored. God, I pray that the Church today will rise together to form this same family of God. With a glad and willing heart we bring to You the things that You have provided for us to worship You exactly as You please.