Saturday, October 10, 2009

Acts 24

Felix was already well acquainted with the Way. He probably had heard of Paul. He listened to him preach many times over a period of two years. Paul, probably the best preacher that ever lived was at his beck and call. So I wonder why he didn't convert?

I wonder why some people can hear the gospel, clearly and powerfully preached, and still not accept it. I wonder how it completely and radically changes some people and others store away the knowledge of it along with the rest of the facts in their brain without seemingly any affect. I wonder why people can know about Jesus with their head while others know far less facts about him but know him with their heart.

Just something I wonder about. Makes a good case for all of the predestination stuff Paul talks about. God knows which of us will respond to His offer of grace. Just doesn't make sense from our perspective.