Friday, November 20, 2009

Hebrews 3

Today. I wonder how many times in a day I say that word. And yet here in this chapter, we are reminded of the immediacy, the urgency of really remembering how we must seize it. We are responsible to each other. I for one don't like that thought. I can barely be responsible for myself let alone others. But each day, while it's still called Today, we are responsible for keeping our brothers and sisters from falling away into sin. And I'm not sure we're all that hot at it.

Just today I heard a few stories of people who are being led astray, deceived, tempted into unbelief, hardened. And we are supposed to encourage them DAILY. I think we may have created a societal norm that prevents that from being very easy. We aren't used to prying into other people's business. But I think that's what the Holy Spirit is saying here. Today, don't harden your hearts to those around you. Don't rebel against your responsibility to lift other up. Makes me think of Forrest and all those other war movies where you never leave a man behind. I'm afraid we have some lost and wounded and stranded soldiers laying out there on the battlefield that we have to go out and help.

But the toughest part of that is that he specifically said to do it TODAY! Who can I reach out and encourage today?